Our Pastors


The pastoral staff of United Haitian Baptist Church is now composed of: a Senior Pastor and two Associate Pastors.


Senior Pastor: Rév. Jean Yves Marcelon

picture of pastor Yves Marcelon, pastor of the United Haitian baptist chrurch         

He was ordained by the Church 12 years ago, on Sunday, April 30, 2000. Pastor Marcelon has served United Haitian Baptist church in various capacities from cleaning the yard to preaching behind the pulpit. He does it all. Today, it is with pride that the church has chosen Pastor Marcelon as the Senior Pastor.





Associate Pastor: Rév. Briand Desamour

Youth and Children Ministries

picture of pastor Briant Desamour , pastor of the United Haitian baptist chrurch

The soul of Pastor Briand Desamour has attached to United Haitian Baptist Church. At times, life situation may force him to relocate; he will come right back to UHBC, his home church. On Friday, August 31, 2012 the church made the choice of him to be one of the associate pastors.






Associate Pastor: Rév. Jean Robert Pierre

 Mission, Church growth/ Evangelization and Adult Ministries

picture of pastor Jean Robert Pierre (4X4) , pastor of the United Haitian baptist chrurch