United Haitian Baptist Church

2015 Parker AVE
West Palm Beach, FL 33401



We would like to welcome all our brothers and sisters, who have decided to join us for a great celebration to praise the name of the Lord Jesus-Christ and to declare that we cannot do it without Him and Him alone.
We have the best men and women on leadership. Some are of world renown, but we have, at last, realized that we must depend on the presence of the Lord. This 25th anniversary must be a time of celebration for this congregation. We believe in the absolute authority of the inspired Scriptures. The new leadership of the church is a cooperative decision making group: Pastors, Deacons, and Executive Committee. We are a Haitian Southern Baptist congregation; decisions need to have the approbation of the acting leaders and members.
United Haitian Baptist Church is a Christian church in action for a community. We have many different ministries to serve the needs of our church and the community. We believe in the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior Jesus-Christ to go and make disciples, by reaching the community through His love, (Mathieu 28: 18-20). Let us pray for a week of blessings and deliverance. Let us also pray for our preachers; so they can be under the complete control of the Holy Spirit. Let us pray, at last, for the Love of God to be upon us so we can say: “Lord, you know everything…we love you, and we want to walk worthy of you”.